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Kikuo Ibe
Engineer of the “G-SHOCK”

30 years of G-SHOCK

In 2013, G-SHOCK is celebrating its 30th anniversary in timepiece technology. Over the past 30 years G-SHOCK’s tough and unique design combined with practicality and cutting edge technology has made the timepieces wildly popular across the globe.

To celebrate 30 years of toughness and groundbreaking technology G-SHOCK will not only be launching a number of specially designed timepieces. To celebrate its evolution over the years G-SHOCK will also party with its friends from various locations around the world.

Find out more on www.g-shock.eu

If you want to find out more about how G-SHOCK’s 30th anniversary is celebrated – the history of the brand, our limited editions and events worldwide – there is more to explore on our G-SHOCK Website

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