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Skateboarding and Do-it-Yourself– Creative Process St.Petersburg

St. Petersburg: a dark basement with a foosball table and graffiti on the walls. Sasha Snoom, the creative for Russia, loves to combine the skateboarding lifestyle with D.I.Y.


Sasha Snoom is the creative for St. Petersburg. He will be working closely together with the Russian ambassador, skateboarding and street-ware photographer Nikita Yarutskiy. More than just a member of St. Petersburg’s renowned LVO skate crew, Saha Snoom is a respected graphic designer and illustrator. As a member of the Russian DIY he already has his own T-Shirt collection.

St. Petersburg AMBASSADOR:
Nikita “Vilkin” Yarutskiy

Since school I’ve been drawing graffiti and riding everything: roller skates, snowboard, skate. While getting my degree at the university (major - information design) I practiced photography quite a lot. I shot for Afisha, Bolshoi Gorod, Onboard, Extreme and many other magazines. Four of my pictures even featured on the covers.

Street culture had always been the source of inspiration for me, that’s why in 2005 I decided to set up a website dedicated to extreme sports — CREAMmag.ru. Gradually it transformed into online magazine about street culture in all its aspects from music to clothes. In two years - from just a couple of T-shirts for CREAMmag team - the streetwear brand Anteater developed. And the following year Creamshop, multibrand trainers and Anteater clothing shop, opened.

Now I’m 26, I do photography and web-design and I’m into street culture of any kind.